Poe Films is not currently accepting pitches or scripts other than through the contest format.

Grand Prize Winner

“Aurora” by Travis Opgenorth


Feature Drama

First Place: “The Salt Box” by Robert J. Rogers

Second Place: “If Scars Could Talk” by Mallory Frost

Third Place: “Angel of Vengeance” by Trevor Munson

Finalist: “In Hyding” by Carlos Perez

Finalist: “Quantum State of True Love” by Seth Nesenholtz

Finalist: “The Night Before Christmas” by Tom Smolko & Meisha Johnson


Feature Comedy

First Place: “Rule of Love” by Howard Schwartz

Second Place: “The Night Before Christmas” by Tom Smolko & Meisha Johnson

Third Place: “Dregslist” by Karen Tengwald

Finalist: “Go Out with Love” by Meredith Hunnikhoven

Finalist: “Science Needs More Rock Stars” by Patrick Gamble

Finalist: “The Meat Eaters” by Danny Howell



First Place: “Rock, Paper, Sister” by Dan Tomasulo

Second Place: “This Cold, Still Place” by Mike Messier

Third Place: “The Wedding Present” by Martin Blinder

Finalist: “Black Birds” by Jae Ferreira-Pinto

Finalist: “Cleansing Acts” by Carlos Perez

Finalist: “Releasing Soul” by Jeffrey Morin



First Place: “Son of Kolchak” by Randy Gross

Second Place: “Foxglove” by Sophie Clark

Third Place: “Hell Hound” by Giancarlo Fusi

Finalist: “Everhart” by Kaitlin Waymond Dodd

Finalist: “Supernatural” by Bonnie Bonaduce