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Announcing the outstanding WINNERS of the
2018 Burning Love Screenplay Contest,
presented by Poe Films:


Memory Lane by Sherrill Schmidt

The Miracle That Saved Cesar Ibanes’ Life by Ryan Thurston


We Were Here by Shawn Skadburg


Have You No Decency by Patrick Allebaugh


Violet by Rafael Gamboa


Trench by Ryan Thurston



Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair by C.G. Noir
Have You No Decency by Patrick Allebaugh
Into Oblivion by G. Michael Fortin
Lilies by Laura Acevedo
Memory Lane by Sherrill Schmidt
My Sex Life by Rosalyn Rosen
The Miracle That Saved Cesar Ibanes’ Life by Ryan Thurston
The Provinces by Sinan Cevik
Thigh Gap by Neila Citano
Trench by Ryan Thurston
Violet by Rafael Gamboa
We Were Here by Shawn Skadburg

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our writers.

The Poe Contest 2018 Screenplay Winners

Grand Prize Winner and First Place Features Winner: “The Custom of the Sea” by Karen McDermott of Glendale, CA. When three sailors are imprisoned after cannibalism on a lifeboat, a judge ponders a murder verdict while battling time-honored beliefs of the local seafaring community. Based on a true story.

Second Place Features Winner: “Fast Asleep” by Patrick Gamble of New South Wales, Australia. A popular new drug reduces sleep time to two hours per night. One precaution, though – one in seven users becomes a psychotic serial killer.

Third Place Features Winner: “The Raven” by Nguyen N. of Pasadena, CA. In 14th century England, a pious farm girl and her brother battle to keep their ailing mother alive when the Black Plague sets upon their village in the form of a demonic bird.

First Place Shorts Winner: “Simon” by Shelly Paino of Santa Ana, CA. After a teacher reads Edgar Allan Poe to her sixth graders on Halloween, she must find out why one student’s interest in the poem borders on obsession.

Second Place Shorts Winner: “Windows Wicked,” by Rob Herzog of Chicago, IL. An eight-year-old boy tries to outwit the visitor who scratches at his window in the middle of the night. 

Third Place Shorts Winner: “The Marker” by Gerald Teaster and Kelley Cantrell of Lexington, KY. During her stay in a mental hospital, a former English professor encounters terrifying visitations, possibly by her ex-lover/student. A young doctor devises a “marker” experiment to convince her otherwise.

The Poe Contest 2017 Screenplay Winners

Burning Love Contest 2017 Screenplay Winners and Finalists

Success Stories

Win at Poe and languish nevermore! Our 2017 Poe Contest features winner, Bob Giordano of Nashville, TN, parlayed his grand prize script, “The Odds,” into a full-length film (trailer), produced within 12 months of his Poe Contest win. Our 2016 shorts winner, “I’ll Have Another” by Bill Brock, also was produced and has gathered honors at national film festivals. Our 2017 Burning Love Screenplay Contest winner, “Aurora” by Travis Opgenorth, is currently in production.