Poe Films is not currently accepting pitches or scripts other than through the contest format.

Announcing our winners of the 2019 Poe Contest for screenwriting!

Feature Script Winners: 
First Place – “dream Hollywood” by Bill Brock. Having won the top prize in the “Star-Struck” Video Audition Contest, a wide-eyed, energetic college grad earns the opportunity to spend an entire day with her favorite movie star. But good fortune may soon become a death sentence when her celebrity companion contemplates murder-suicide.
Second Place – “The Elephant Room” by Thomas Kennedy. A struggling hospital intern, who carries a heavy secret, accidentally bumps into a ‘spunky’ seven-year-old cancer patient. Fate brings them together in a life and death situation.
Third Place – “Best Friends Forever” by Diana Lee Woody. A year after her death, a lonely Amanda contacts her two best friends to get them to join her on the Other Side.
Short Script Winners: 
First Place – “The Yearbook” by Jim Norman. An old man with a fading memory receives his old high school yearbook. Looking at the pictures in the yearbook takes him back to his high school days, literally.
Second Place – “Demon Inside Me” by Brandon Rutherford. A man with sado-masochistic desires looks to lose his virginity by consulting a ouija board, and inadvertently gets his prayers answered when it summons a demon that means to harm him.
Third Place – “Moonshine” by Nate Lane. After his estranged wife goes missing, a blackout drinking sheriff is on the case to find her, but all he ends up finding is the insatiable monster that plagues his tiny rural town.

Congratulations to our winners and to all of our excellent competitors.